Preparing for a Bus Commute: What You Need to Know

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Overcoming invisible obstacles

Have you thought bus commuting was a good idea, maybe even tried it, but never felt like it was as good as driving yourself?

Often think of eco-friendly shifts as simple but still are held back by common mental obstacles:

-It’s a new experience…what will it even be like?

-Isn’t this for people who can’t afford other ways to get around?

-How can I even get on a bus?

Taking the time to prepare for a bus commute helps answer and overcome all of these invisible obstacles. It makes it more likely that we’ll start taking the bus more often and even enjoy it!

Steps to prep for bus commute

  1. Determine how to pay for bus fares: Go online or in-person to your local bus system to find out how they manage fares for their buses.
  2. Get a route map: some systems offer an app to map routes and get live updates on bus arrival times. Others rely on downloadable or in-person physical maps.
  3. Pick your stops and times: find the stops closest to the beginning and end of our routes. How much time will it take to walk or roll there? Make sure to give yourself at least five extra minutes than you expect to need.
  4. Do a practice run: this helps you have a little more confidence on what to expect when you are using the bus to get somewhere on a specific timeline. While every ride isn’t the same, it will give you a general feel of what to expect.
  5. Make your day-before prep list: will you need to bring extra snacks with you? Or reusable bags for a shop? Making sure you know all the things to prepare the day before, either just before bed or before you settle in for relaxation in the evening, will help prevent extra obstacles or stress getting ready the next day.

Favorite (FREE) resources to make bus commuting better

Apps to find and plan your routes




MyStop (IOS) (Android)

Maximize your time during your ride

Stitcher (IOS) (Android) – listen, download, and discover podcasts

Pocket (IOS) (Android) – read, save, and get curated recommendations for articles

Peak – fun, stimulating games – like workouts for your brain

Headspace – guided meditation for everybody (free youtube channel version of their app)

A final word

Ditching solo driving is good for our day-to-day lives and the planet. But any shifts in how we get around can feel strangely difficult. We recommend giving yourself a week to complete all the prep steps. Assign a day and time to each step to make it even easier to complete each step – or reschedule.

We’d love to know how your prep went for a bus commute! Email us at hello @ tinyplanet . eco or tag us on social media!

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