Make a Big Impact on climate change with tiny habits. Woman cooking.
Make a Big Impact on climate change with tiny habits. Woman cooking.

The Problem.

Ever feel like climate solutions are inaccessible?

Too dependent on massive policy change just happening or exclusively designed for the wealthy folks?

We have an urgent need for climate solutions designed for regular people right now.

A graphic using icons to describe the climate problem.
A graphic using icons to describe the climate problem.

“Habits are not a finish line to be crossed, they are a lifestyle to be lived.”

James Clear

Our Climate Solutions

We design products that make it easier to build habits to reduce carbon pollution.

The biggest challenge we’re looking to solve is the gap between awareness and action.

By applying behavior change theory to climate data, we offer solutions that are easy to start and empower people with their personal climate data.

Even better? Personal carbon pollution reductions are added up together to create a movement of change makers.

my Carbon Counter logo

My Carbon Counter

My Carbon Counter™ platform helps you reduce your carbon footprint with easy and repeatable gamified tasks. Track and visualize the amount of pollution you have prevented alongside a community of like-minded individuals. Together, we can build long-lasting climate-friendly habits to protect our planet.

Give our first version a try!

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The Climate Deck

The Climate Deck cards contain achievable tasks that are good for you and better for the planet. Learn various carbon-busting tips and tricks using the 100% post-consumer deck, then track your progress via a standalone poster for the home or office. The Climate Deck is the perfect way to turn the eco-curious into eco-experts!

Coming Soon!

Marta Marta Johnson, Founder and CEO of TinyPlanet.
Marta Johnson, Founder and CEO of TinyPlanet.

“I started Tiny Planet to make it easier to do something about climate change. Everyday we have the power to reduce carbon pollution and build a brighter future. When we break down our most pollution-intensive activities into tiny, repeatable steps, it makes it easier to build them into habits that feel like second nature. Often these tiny steps also help us live better now.”

Marta Johnson
Founder & CEO, TinyPlanet.

Founded in 2021 by sustainability and climate policy consultant Marta Johnson, Tiny Planet empowers individuals to fight the climate crisis one tiny step at a time through the power of collective action and compounding efforts. Using the best practices in behavior change, Tiny Planet develops climate solutions that make it easier to start and keep building habits to curb climate change.

TinyPlanet Team graphic
TinyPlanet Team graphic

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