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We believe small lifestyle changes results in big impacts towards protecting our TinyPlanet.
We believe small lifestyle changes results in big impacts towards protecting our TinyPlanet.

TinyPlanet empowers individuals to impact climate change with their daily habits.

Marta Marta Johnson, Founder and CEO of TinyPlanet.
Marta Johnson, Founder and CEO of TinyPlanet.

Hello, my name is Marta, Founder of Tiny Planet! In my career, I’ve worked on climate policy, environmental health education, carbon offset projects, and am now a climate startup founder.

I care deeply about climate change and aligning my life with those values.

However my career and values didn’t make me immune to a pollution-intensive lifestyle.

One day, I came home and saw my life through a new lens. My old wasteful habits had unknowingly crept back into my life. I saw plastic ziplock bags, disposable diapers, and a multitude of cleaning products. Instead of reusable rags, we now used paper towels.

How could this happen to such a “crunchy” eco-conscious person? Well, it’s actually very normal!

Our lives are in a constant flow of changes, big and small, all of which can disrupt planet-friendly lifestyles. For my family we had gone through many job changes, one move, and kids arriving on the scene.

But all of this led to a big A-HA moment.

If I’m struggling with this, then other people must be too. There are many of us who care about the planet, but may not be sure about what to do next. Either we are busy, overwhelmed, or just confused on what will actually make a difference.

I started Tiny Planet to help people take tiny steps to reduce their carbon footprint by building habits that compound your climate impact over time. Without the shame and guilt, these small everyday changes add up to larger, long-term transformations.

We hope you join us on this journey of developing planet-friendly habits alongside a community of folks that care about our TinyPlanet!

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What We Do

By providing engaging solutions that are good for us and better for the planet, we are equipping individuals and families to fight the climate crisis, one tiny habit at a time.

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My Carbon Counter

My Carbon Counter™ platform helps you reduce your carbon footprint with easy and repeatable gamified tasks. Track and visualize the amount of pollution you have prevented alongside a community of like-minded individuals. Together, we can build long-lasting climate-friendly habits to protect our planet.

Give our first version a try!

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The Climate Deck

The Climate Deck cards contain achievable tasks that are good for you and better for the planet. Learn various carbon-busting tips and tricks using the 100% post-consumer deck, then track your progress via a standalone poster for the home or office. The Climate Deck is the perfect way to turn the eco-curious into eco-experts!

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Why We Do It

The UN reports that climate change is the defining crisis of our time. Rising temperatures are already impacting every aspect of our society, from what we eat, where we live, and how we work. The climate crisis is overwhelming. There are major contributing players and apathy is an easy way out.  But it’s not too late to change the tide. 

At TinyPlanet, we believe we have an opportunity to create a better future through compassionate, sustainable systems by shifting our individual habits and leaning into our collective power. If each of us makes tiny tweaks to our daily habits, we can transform our lifestyles and drive large-scale impact across the globe.

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Shop TinyPlanet and support our mission.

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