7 Summer Sustainability Tips

Are you worried about climate change but want to have an amazing summer? Our essential 7 Summer Sustainability Tips will help you squeeze in more awesome this season while shrinking your carbon footprint.

Sustainability Tips

#1 Mow less and in the evening

Mow Less — 2-3 times a month instead of weekly. Extra bonus? Longer grass needs less water!

When you do mow, aim for the evening. Ozone forms more easily during the daytime from carbon emissions.

Mow less for a more sustainable summer

The ultimate summer sustainability upgrade? Did you know that not only are gas-powered mowers louder than Zeus thunderbolting grass down to a perfectly trimmed level, but they also produce an astronomical amount of carbon pollution? 1 hour of mowing is the equivalent of a 100-mile car trip!

Give your ears and the planet a break and spring for an electric or reel mower!

#2 Lighten up summer travel

There are lots of ways you can reduce the impact and increase the inspiration this summer with travel!

  • Pick a city committed to halving carbon emissions by 2030 to achieve global carbon neutrality. There are over 100 that have made the pledge, so many to choose from!
  • Pack light. Fewer outfits and gear lowers the fuel required to move you from place to place.
  • Walk, bike, scoot, use public transit, or rent electric-powered vehicles or bikes. 
  • Pick an eco-friendly spot to stay – Ecobnb is a great place to start!
  • Offset what you can’t reduce! We’re about to release a handy tool to figure out how many trees to plan to offset your travel within 1, 5, or 10 years of your trip. Check back soon!

#3 Open windows at night, close up with shades in the morning

This will keep you MORE comfortable, with fresh air to combat stagnant indoor smells, and lower energy costs. Simply use fans near windows to pull in cooler evening air or splurge for a whole-house fan if you own your own house. 

You’ll be able to reduce A/C usage, saving money and reducing carbon pollution!

#4 Car-free days

Swap your car for a bike, bus, or walk to get the most out of these sunny days. It also helps save money on fuel, keeps you feeling more connected to your community, and gets your heart pumping.

Try to do it weekly!

#5 Lower carbon protein swap-ups.

Swap up your protein for summer sustainability

Try to swap up a protein once a week. Burgers are a staple of summer but grilled chicken or veggie burgers can be just as tasty without being such a monster to your cardiovascular system. Bonus? Some people feel less bloated and more energized for other summer activities. Check out our vegetarian protein list for more summer protein swap-up ideas!

#6 Start or resume composting

If you are aiming for outdoor composting, winter can feel like a tough season to start. Summer offers you the perfect opportunity to (re)start composting food scraps or yard waste.

Check out our simple tips on getting started with composting here!

#7 Update outdoor eating and takeout supplies

Switching from disposable to re-usable plates, napkins, and cutlery is a great place to start for lower-impact outdoor eating. For takeout or a DIY ‘doggie bag’ with a lower carbon footprint, set aside some mason jars, pyrex, or durable plastic containers to bring along with you.

Bonus tip? Join a buy-nothing group and check if anyone there has your desired supplies accumulating dust. This leaves you more money to splurge on excellent takeout and for a bigger tip for restaurant staff. Win-win-win!

We can’t wait to hear which of these 7 summer sustainability tips you already have tried and which you are eager to try out!

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