All about our FREE new challenge: the #OneTreeCarbonChallenge

Prevent 50 lbs of Carbon Pollution – Tiny Planet will match by planting a tree!

Planting trees is a lovely activity. Trees absorb carbon pollution, reduce ‘heat islands’ in cities, and absorb rainwater to reduce stormwater runoff.

But planting trees is the second thing we should be focused on when it comes to climate change.

What’s first? Reducing carbon pollution now.

The #OneTreeCarbonChallenge helps reorder common steps to more effectively tackle climate change: first reduce pollution, then plant a tree!

How does #OneTreeCarbonChallenge work?

  1. Sign up here to get a downloadable link for the flyer.
  2. Download and print the challenge sheet that includes a short list of planet-friendly actions that prevent carbon pollution (compared to the average lifestyle in the United States).
  3. Pick a few actions to make that you don’t currently do regularly.
  4. After each action you take, color in one leaf for every estimated pound of pollution prevented.
  5. When you have colored in 50 leaves, approximately how much carbon pollution a mature tree absorbs, take a picture and share it on your preferred social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) with #OneTreeCarbonChallenge
  6. We’ll add you to our match-list for planting trees and confirm in a comment! (If you don’t get a comment, it may be due to your privacy settings. Send us a screenshot in a direct message and we will confirm there!)

Why not just plant trees without pollution-preventing actions?

Considering we OVERESTIMATE our positive impact on the planet, it’s more important than ever to re-order our steps to building a brighter climate future.

And we are pretty obsessive about our email list because emails have their own carbon footprint. How much are we helping the planet if we send you emails that never get opened and create carbon pollution? 

We want people on our email list ready to take or keep taking imperfect action. 

The people that know they aren’t responsible for creating the climate mess we are in, but they are willing to step up to help solve the problem. People that appreciate occasional, value-packed emails aimed for more than buying stuff.

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