Climate Change: Write a Letter to Support Policy Change

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Sometimes it’s hard to see the path for climate policy when one party is so opposed to taking action on the issue. However, it’s important to remember when people speak up clearly and consistently, environmental policies that solve problems can succeed.

Take the Clean Water Act, for example. Because of a tremendous grassroots effort, the policy was able to pass DESPITE a veto by President Nixon. In fact, the Senate voted to override the veto by a tremendous margin: 52-12!

Why is letter writing important?

While petitions and auto-faxes are helpful to show numbers, a written letter carries a little more weight with elected leaders. Here are few reasons why:

  • Taking the time to write a personal email or snail-mail note shows that you care enough to go beyond clicking one or two buttons
  • Many advocates say that personal letters are one of the most effective ways to influence a decision-maker
  • You can outline why you care – this is actually helpful for elected officials to stay in tune with their constituents

Letter writing tips

  • Write to your own elected officials (those you can vote for)
  • Focus on one topic — only try to cover one issue or policy at a time, not every policy you care about in one letter
  • Make sure to include a clear ask, like co-sponsoring a bill or making a public statement in support


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