Constituent Coffee Hour: A Chance to Ease Into Advocacy

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Are you interested in becoming more of an advocate, but looking for a low-stake way to take your next step? Constituent coffee or happy hours are a casual way to learn what your elected representatives are working on and share issues important to you.

What are constituent meet-ups?

Most elected officials want to keep in touch with constituents. Both to communicate that they are working hard to represent the district and to keep in touch with what concerns are most important in the district.

Many hold coffee or happy hours to create a casual setting for easier conversations.

How to find them

While there isn’t a central place to find any constituent meetups, here is how to find them for your elected representatives:

  1. Check their public Facebook page for any listed events.
  2. Review their official webpage, if available, for any listed constituent events.
  3. Email their work account to inquire when their next coffee hour or constituent meetup might be.

How to prepare

There isn’t a lot of preparation required for casual meetups like these. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Invite a friend! Events like these are more fun when you have a friend in tow.
  2. Aim to listen more than speak. Learn what issues they are actively working on and care about the most.
  3. Be prepared to share your concern about climate change – why it really matters to you personally, not just data.
  4. Inquire about any active policy on climate change and their current level of support. If they don’t support, aim to learn what questions they have rather than try to change their mind.

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