How to Join a Buy Nothing Group and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Buy Nothing is a global movement to buy less and share more. At its heart it attempts to make building neighborly relationships stronger, shrinking carbon pollution is a wonderful side benefit.

We’ll cover how they work and how to join a local group.

How they work

Each group is independent and autonomous. Once local groups reach a certain threshold, there are sprouts of small neighborhood groups. This keeps the role of moderating groups more manageable for volunteers.

The main requirement to join a group is that you live within its geographic boundaries, which can be as small as a few blocks or large enough to encompass an entire city.

The groups are organized around the idea of gifting and receiving. Members post items they no longer need but are still useful (think clothes, furniture, toys, etc.) and members also post asks in the group to borrow or receive permanently.

The groups also serve as a way to connect with your neighbors beyond physical items. If you need help with something or want to offer help, you can post in the group. This includes asks like help fixing malfunctioning gear or extra muscle to move heavy furniture.

How to join

  1. On Facebook: Thousands of US Buy Nothing groups can be found on Facebook.
  2. Download the app: for IOS, for Android.

Important rules to remember

  1. Everything is gifted — no asks for ideas on where to buy something or bartering in exchange for gifts.
  2. Only gifting of legal items — no expired car seats or recalled baby rockers.
  3. Show your humanity — no cruelty, hate speech, or harassment. Remember this is at its core a community-building endeavor!

Did you join a group via Facebook or the app? Let us know!

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